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Monday, May 24, 2010

Quickie on the Calaveras River

With this crazy weather, my last minute chance to wet my line changed drastically Saturday morning.  Although fishing the Little of Big Truckee on Saturday could have been decent, I just wasn't into bundling up one more time and fishing with numb feet and fingers.  So I opted for a close-to-home trip on the Calaveras River.  The Calaveras River, outside of Valley Springs, CA is a short, scenic one hour drive from my home in El Dorado Hills, CA.

The Calaveras is a good choice this time of year (with the spring run-off) as it is a tailwater flowing out of New Hogan Reservoir.  Saturday was "opening day" for this stream.  The River is closed until the 4th Saturday in May.  The weather co-operated beautifully, 60 degrees and partly cloudy and an opportunity for "some" small bug activity/hatches.

I was able to hook and land 11 fish, most wild, a few planters.  They all ranged in size from 8-13 inches, of fought hard and were clean and colorful.  I nymphed the whole day, using Mighty Mays, Mighty Mite and some small PMDs with an occasional San Juan Worm as the lead fly.

I needed a fix and got it on the Calaveras.  A good choice if you live in the Gold Country!

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  1. i have been fishing the calaveras for over a decade, and the fishing in the late spring after it opens is usually very good for me on a variety of nymphs, san juan worms, and terrestrials. had a banner day last thursday.