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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My ten year old...BORN TO FISH!

Back in April, my ten year old son, Carson & I made our first "fly fishing" trip together.  Now I have been taking my older son and daughter to the Lower Owens River outside of Bishop, CA for year.  This time, however, we decided on a float trip on the Lower Sacramento River in Redding.

What a great experience!  I really like the guys at!  Tim Root was awesome and really worked with Carson.  About 15 minutes into the days float, Carson hooked one. He wanted to do it "all on his own.  Well his line (as you can see in the photo) is wrapped wrong and in turn he lost that one.  Needless to say he was into another one soon thereafter.

Carson hooked about 10 and landed 4. Not bad for your first time fly fishing, on a drift boat.  The Lower Sac Rainbows are no easy fish to land, powerful, full of life and all of good size.

I didn't do to bad myself....

If you go, be sure to use Sac River Outfitters and ask for Tim (owner and wonderful guide).  Lodging and food are cheap and there are tons of choices.  I typically use to get the best deals.

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